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2023-02-05 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 24:15-51 Stay Awake mp3-link OG-link 38163435 39:45
2023-01-29 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 23 36 to 24 15 Jesus condemning Jerusalem , waring people not to follow false Christs, and tell the people what will happen and not to loose heart but to endure to the end mp3-link OG-link 50801685 52:55
2023-01-22 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 23 15 to 36 7 woes to the Pharisees mp3-link OG-link 47958727 49:57
2023-01-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 32 1 12 Do what they say.. not what they do. mp3-link OG-link 45752738 47:40
2023-01-08 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 22 15 to 46 Jesus Entangled? mp3-link OG-link 54372310 56:38
2023-01-01 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 21 14 to 22 17 Fruit - Jesus and the religious leaders 3 stories mp3-link OG-link 52000810 54:10
2022-12-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 21:1-17 The Devine King is Here! mp3-link OG-link 41704803 43:27
2022-12-11 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 20:20-39 What Do You Want? mp3-link OG-link 29716199 30:57
2022-12-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 19:30-20:19 That is Unfair mp3-link OG-link 33187631 34:34
2022-11-27 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 19:16-29 The Wrong Question? mp3-link OG-link 40267024 41:57
2022-11-20 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 19:1-15 Divorce mp3-link OG-link 40653218 42:21
2022-11-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 18 15 to 35 Church discipline and forgiving one another. mp3-link OG-link 41348702 43:04
2022-11-06 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 18:1-14 True Greatness mp3-link OG-link 41296039 43:01
2022-10-30 Sermon Tim Faulkner Ephesians 4:11-13 God's Design for the Life & Longevity of the Church mp3-link OG-link 23902668 24:54
2022-10-23 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 17:14-27 Faith like a Mustard Seed mp3-link OG-link 39137280 40:46
2022-10-16 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 17:1-13 Jesus Get's Encouraged mp3-link OG-link 38770312 40:23
2022-10-09 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 16:20-28 The Cost of Following mp3-link OG-link 41688085 43:26
2022-09-25 Sermon Lee Hanson Matthew 15:21-39 Faith of the Gentile woman mp3-link OG-link 35547011 37:02
2022-09-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 14:34-15:20 What Defiles a Person? mp3-link OG-link 42062158 43:49
2022-09-11 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 14:13-33 Lord of Bread and Wind mp3-link OG-link 51757140 53:55
2022-09-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 13:53-14:13a Rejected mp3-link OG-link 40956238 42:40
2022-08-28 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 13 44 to 52 The value of the kingdom of God mp3-link OG-link 48850233 50:53
2022-08-21 Sermon Marius Padurean Matthew 13:24 - 13:43 The parable of the weeds. mp3-link OG-link 32841979 34:13
2022-08-14 Sermon Kristian Bak Dull hearts? Matthew 12 45- 13 24 mp3-link OG-link 35178789 36:39
2022-08-07 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 12:34-45 Something greater is here. mp3-link OG-link 37633463 39:12
2022-07-31 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 12:22-32 Can this be the Son of David? mp3-link OG-link 36533394 38:03
2022-07-24 Sermon Lee Hanson Matt 12:1-21 Compassion over Sacrifice mp3-link OG-link 39190779 40:49
2022-07-10 Sermon Marius Padurean Matthew 11:2-19 What Makes You Great? mp3-link OG-link 43750296 45:34
2022-07-03 Sermon Joseph Meijs Matthew 10:16-11:1 Fear and Love in God's Mission mp3-link OG-link 61101871 63:39
2022-06-26 Sermon Marius Padurean Matthew 10:5-15 Instruction for the Mission mp3-link OG-link 45729332 47:38
2022-06-19 Sermon Marius Padurean Matthew 10:1-4 Why did Jesus choose Judas, and what can we learn from it? mp3-link OG-link 30125662 31:23
2022-06-12 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 9:32-38 Lord of Compassion and the Lord of the Harvest mp3-link OG-link 39665580 41:19
2022-06-05 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 9:18-30 "Lord of Life and Death" Mathew 9:27-31 Leviticus 15:25-27 mp3-link OG-link 37865012 39:27
2022-05-31 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 9 8 to 17 Jesus sees Matthew and calls him to follow him, Jesus came to call sinners, And questions about fasting. mp3-link OG-link 38441796 40:03
2022-05-24 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 8 28 to 9 8 Leve us alone Jesus, many are afraid of Jesus the demons the people that ask him to leave, and the people that see him forgive sins and heal. mp3-link OG-link 49129430 51:11
2022-05-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 8 18-27 The cost of discipleship. Jesus the Lord of nature. mp3-link OG-link 47222282 49:11
2022-05-08 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 8:1-17 Jesus' Touch mp3-link OG-link 43317290 45:07
2022-05-01 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 7:15-29 Inward transformation - living a transformed life made possible by God mp3-link OG-link 34535967 35:58
2022-04-24 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 7:1-14 Wisdom to Find the Path of Life. Judge not... mp3-link OG-link 36445623 37:58
2022-04-17 Sermon Kristian Bak Easter Sunday (1. Corinthians) Easter 2022 mp3-link OG-link 33278328 34:40
2022-04-10 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 6:19-34 Do not lay up for yourself treasures on earth... Do not worry about your life... mp3-link OG-link 40575478 42:16
2022-04-03 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 6:4-18 The Father Sees, Knows, Forgives, and Rewards mp3-link OG-link 45469780 47:22
2022-03-27 Sermon Marius Padurean Matthew 4:1-4 Give in Secret mp3-link OG-link 40860944 42:34
2022-03-20 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 5:20-30 You Have Heard It Said Part II mp3-link OG-link 46062446 47:59
2022-03-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 5:21-30 You have heard it said Part 1 mp3-link OG-link 45255784 47:08
2022-03-06 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 5:13-20 You are Salt and Light mp3-link OG-link 35921502 37:25
2022-02-27 Sermon Doru Butas Matthew 5:1-12 Beatitudes, Blessed are the... mp3-link OG-link 43542570 45:21
2022-02-20 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 4:11 25 Jesus starts preaching and calls 4 disciples, heals all the sick. mp3-link OG-link 37747984 39:19
2022-02-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 3:13-4:11 Temptation, Baptism, Identity Sunday, February 13, 2022. mp3-link OG-link 39743321 41:24
2022-02-06 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 3 Sunday, February 6, 2022. Love over fear, Pharisees, John the Baptist, Jesus' baptism mp3-link OG-link 40534100 42:13
2022-01-30 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 2 Herod, Wise Men mp3-link OG-link 41390080 43:07
2022-01-23 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 1:18-25 23rd of January 2022 - Forgiveness, Virgin Birth mp3-link OG-link 32532271 33:53
2022-01-16 Sermon Kristian Bak Matthew 1 1 17 Jesus is the Christ - Jesus line mp3-link OG-link 29406354 30:38
2022-01-09 Sermon Marius Padurean Colossians 4 7 to 18 The sovereignty of God mp3-link OG-link 30785202 32:04
2021-11-28 Sermon Kristian Bak Colosians 3 18 to 4 1 Wives, submit to your husbands, as vis fitting in the Lord. Husbands, love your wives, and do not be harsh with them. mp3-link OG-link 41634586 43:22
2021-11-21 Sermon Marius Padurean Colossians 16 17 Colossians 16 17 mp3-link OG-link 32895478 34:16
2021-11-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 3 12 to 15 (The right file) Chosen, Holy Beloved. mp3-link OG-link 38001685 39:35
2021-11-14 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 11 15 Colossians 11 15 mp3-link OG-link 18450808 19:13
2021-11-07 Sermon Kristian Bak Put sin to death Colossians 3:5-11 mp3-link OG-link 35423713 36:54
2021-10-31 Sermon Marius Padurean Colossian 1 1:3 Colossian 1 1:3 mp3-link OG-link 30832849 32:07
2021-10-24 Sermon Marius Padurean Colossians 2 16 23 Do not submit to Angle worship and man made rules. Only to Jesus Christ. mp3-link OG-link 36024320 37:32
2021-10-17 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 11-15 God is triumphs in Jesus mp3-link OG-link 18450808 19:13
2021-10-10 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 2 6-10 Walk in Christ mp3-link OG-link 27736189 28:54
2021-10-03 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 2 1 5 Encouragement to find all knowledge and wisdom in Jesus. mp3-link OG-link 38899461 40:31
2021-09-26 Sermon Kristian Bak Baptism Day Baptism mp3-link OG-link 25252676 26:18
2021-09-19 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossian 1:24-29 Colossian 1:24-29 mp3-link OG-link 27094204 28:13
2021-09-12 Sermon Kristian Bak Colosians 15 to 23 The image of God mp3-link OG-link 27684780 28:50
2021-09-05 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossian 1 9 14 Colossian 1 9 14 mp3-link OG-link 18060852 18:49
2021-08-29 Sermon Marius Padurean Colossians 1:3-8 Colossians 1:3-8 mp3-link OG-link 37757597 39:20
2021-08-22 Sermon Kristian Bak Colossians 1 1 2 Colossians 1 1 2: Introduction mp3-link OG-link 29655876 30:53
2021-08-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 28 15 to 31 Give thanks. mp3-link OG-link 32653061 34:01
2021-08-09 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 28 1 to 16 Theme: Hospitality mp3-link OG-link 39392653 41:02
2021-08-01 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 27 God is all knowing mp3-link OG-link 31881091 33:13
2021-07-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 25:13- 26:23 Paul's Hope mp3-link OG-link 27517179 28:40
2021-07-11 Sermon Kristian Bak Felix refers to the council Paul defends and Felix goes to the council mp3-link OG-link 32122671 33:28
2021-07-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Felix comes in Felix is being discussed here mp3-link OG-link 43149270 44:57
2021-06-27 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul continues his service Paul continues his service mp3-link OG-link 41824340 43:34
2021-06-20 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul calls the high priest as whitewashed walls Paul calls the high priest as whitewashed walls mp3-link OG-link 40972957 42:41
2021-06-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul sets a city uproar Paul speaks to the Jews and they set the city uproar mp3-link OG-link 43054393 44:51
2021-06-06 Sermon Marius Padurean The rest of Acts 21 - suffering for Christ The rest of Acts 21 - suffering for Christ mp3-link OG-link 35833731 37:20
2021-05-30 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul is ready to die for Christ Paul's mind cannot be changed! mp3-link OG-link 40587598 42:17
2021-05-23 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 20:17-38 Paul's third missionary journey mp3-link OG-link 44826122 46:42
2021-05-16 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 20 1 to 16 Engorgement and names in the bible. mp3-link OG-link 38358622 39:57
2021-05-09 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul at Artemis's temple The silver smith union brings charges against Paul. mp3-link OG-link 46668069 48:37
2021-05-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 18:18-19:10 Paul is Strengthening and encourage all the disciples. Corrects teaching about baptism and the Holy Spirt. mp3-link OG-link 37805662 39:23
2021-04-25 Sermon Kristian Bak The Believer's meet in Corinth God assures Paul! mp3-link OG-link 38494877 40:06
2021-04-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul visits Greeks Paul and Silas debate with Greeks mp3-link OG-link 46045309 47:58
2021-04-11 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 17:1-15 Paul and Silas, traveling to Thessalonica and Barea. How to we respond to Jesus? mp3-link OG-link 44652251 46:31
2021-04-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Resurrection Sunday Service He is risen! mp3-link OG-link 38764460 40:23
2021-03-28 Sermon Kristian Bak Preparing for Easter Passion of Christ! mp3-link OG-link 61154952 63:42
2021-03-21 Sermon Kristian Bak Paul and Silas's Prison trip Paul and Silas get beaten up mp3-link OG-link 42353476 44:07
2021-03-14 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 15 and 16 start Paul is prevented from going to Asia and Timothy's introduction mp3-link OG-link 34005995 35:25
2021-03-07 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts15:1-35 Jewish customs in Christian Faith mp3-link OG-link 46763781 48:43
2021-02-28 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 14 Building a relationship with God mp3-link OG-link 34091259 35:31
2021-02-21 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 14 21st Feberuar Sunday 21st Februar 2021 mp3-link OG-link 41770423 43:31
2021-02-21 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 14:1-18 A poissoned mind mp3-link OG-link 39784699 41:27
2021-02-14 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 13:47-52 Paul and Barnabas shake off dust mp3-link OG-link 39784699 41:27
2021-02-07 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 13: 13-44 God is faithful, Mark leaves Paul and Barnabas. Paul speaks about Jesus as the Christ the one Gods promised would come. mp3-link OG-link 50475706 35:03
2021-01-31 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 13:1-12 Paul and Barnabass meet Bar Jesus mp3-link OG-link 37080503 38:38
2021-01-24 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts12 Humility and Pride mp3-link OG-link 45580539 47:29
2021-01-17 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 11 A New Name The gospel keeps spreading - among the Gentiles mp3-link OG-link 30280307 31:33
2021-01-10 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts Chapter 10 Jesus LORD of all, Peter is sent to Cornelius. All nations can be included in Gods family. mp3-link OG-link 41167726 42:53
2021-01-04 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 9:32-42 Checking in with Peter, Aeneas and Gazelle. And Jesus Christ heals Aeneas and raises Tabita from the death and many tune to God. mp3-link OG-link 35451716 36:56
2020-12-27 Sermon Kristian Bak Amazed? Acts 9:21-31 Rest prayer and study Are you a Barnabas? Are you amazed? Peace and was being built up. And walking in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. mp3-link OG-link 29673848 30:55
2020-12-20 Sermon Kristian Bak The Incarnation Exploring the Incarnation, What animal was mentioned at Jesus birth? mp3-link OG-link 29690566 30:56
2020-12-14 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 9 1 to 20 An Enemy becomes a disciple. mp3-link OG-link 37108088 38:39
2020-12-06 Sermon Kristian Bak Philip and the Ethiopian Acts 8:25-40 Obeying, Questions, Baptizem, mp3-link OG-link 30640587 31:55
2020-11-29 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 8: 1-25 The gospel is ?scattered? out of Jerusalem, to Juda and Samaria. mp3-link OG-link 41206177 42:55
2020-11-22 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts chapter 7 If you could decide what you were doing when you die what would it be?) -Examples? What is the encouragement and challenge of the text? How is this showing the beauty of Jesus Christ? What is it in the text that I have to obey? Loving our enemy?s T mp3-link OG-link 50149668 52:14
2020-11-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 6 A new crisis in the church Other Scripture: John 8:12 Matthew 5:14?16 Philippians 2:14?18 Ephesians 4:11?16 Romans 2:3?5 mp3-link OG-link 41046935 42:45
2020-11-08 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 5. 17-42 Other scripture in todays sermon: Matthew 27:24?26 Matthew 5:10?12 1. Peter 4:14?16. Obeying God? Or opposing God? Cut to the heart or cut in 2? repentant or unrepentant heart. - Jealousy, true Joy, Blessing in being worthy to suffer for the na mp3-link OG-link 36311040 37:49
2020-11-01 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 4:32 - 5:16 Hypocrisy enters; the gathering of believers. Ananias and Sapphira mp3-link OG-link 37978279 39:34
2020-10-25 Sermon Marius Padurean Acts 4.23-31 The answer given. The circumstances under which it was prayed. To whom it was prayed. What was asked. Acts Sermon series: 4.23-31 mp3-link OG-link 35359764 36:50
2020-10-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 4 1-22 Peter and John are arrested, Jesus as the cornerstone. Other Scripture: Psalms 118:19?24, Matthew 21:42?46, Ephesians 2:18?22, 1 Peter 2:4?8 mp3-link OG-link 40184685 41:52
2020-10-11 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts chapter 3 The Healing of the lame man in Solomon's colonnade. mp3-link OG-link 34545580 35:59
2020-10-04 Sermon Kristian Bak ACTS Sermon series chapter 2:42-47 What are you devoted to? mp3-link OG-link 40127425 41:48
2020-09-27 Sermon Kristian Bak ACTS Chapter 2 The day of Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirt that Jesus promised that would help The disciples e witness about Jesus mp3-link OG-link 38959229 40:35
2020-09-20 Sermon Kristian Bak Act 15-26 Gods promises will be fulfilled. The scripture is trustworthy ? Meditate, memorize Seek Gods will Pray Our mission to Witness about Jesus Christ and His resurrection. mp3-link OG-link 32114311 33:27
2020-09-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Acts 1:9?14 mp3-link OG-link 33361502 34:45
2020-09-08 Sermon Marius Padurean Acts Chapter 1.1-8 mp3-link OG-link 50881933 53:00
2020-08-30 Sermon Kristian Bak Job 42 part 2 mp3-link OG-link 30351778 31:37
2020-08-23 Sermon Kristian Bak Job 42 part 1 Job responds to God mp3-link OG-link 37202964 38:45
2020-08-16 Sermon Kristian Bak God asks Job questions mp3-link OG-link 34750798 36:12
2020-08-09 Sermon Marius Padurean What does God say with snow. from the book of Job. mp3-link OG-link 36815098 38:21
2020-08-02 Sermon Kristian Bak Job 35 to 37 Job Chapter 35-37 Do you think this to be just? Slide structure of Job and where we are. Elihu confronts Job with 3 points, - 1. That Job is right before God (That would mean God is wrong) 2. Job is asked what did it benefit him living an upright life mp3-link OG-link 38328528 39:56
2020-07-26 Sermon Kristian Bak Job chapter 32 to 34 Elihu the secret... friend explains that he will speak sincerely and with an upright heart, -and that the spirit of God gave him breath, and the Almaty life. And he invites Job to answer, order and stand, - like in a court room to present his case, becau mp3-link OG-link 30523977 31:48
2020-07-12 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapter 26 to 28 Front Slide Job 26 -28 Slide figure Introduction: Where we are in the sermon series. Job is finishing up his response to Bildad, - then job will make a summery a final defense, before we hear from the secret friend Elihu. The them today is where is wisd mp3-link OG-link 36427232 37:57
2020-07-05 Sermon Kristian Bak Job chapter 24 and 25 The Big questions in the 2 chapters: 24 ?Why are not times of judgment kept by the Almighty, and why do those who know him never see his days? 25: 4 How then can man be in the right before God? How can he who is born of woman be pure? Job is aski mp3-link OG-link 38978455 40:36
2020-06-28 Sermon Kristian Bak Back to the Book of Job Job Chapter 23 THE RETURNE TO THE BOOK OF JOB SERMON SERIES: We are staring back in to the sermon series in Job, like I said last week it will be a time to investigate and prepare you and I for times of suffering and confusion, (where joy also could be mp3-link OG-link 34386337 35:49
2020-06-21 Sermon Kristian Bak The end of Joy? Slide The end of Joy! Slide ? Or the end of the joy sermon series. Why did we do this Joy series? Well, CORVID-19 or corona came and closed down many parts of society and also the church gatherings (But not the Church -wee keep going ? even when we mp3-link OG-link 44652251 46:31
2020-06-14 Sermon Kristian Bak The joy of God's majesty The joy of God's majesty, the Joy of the being created in the image of God. The joy of Jesus redemption. mp3-link OG-link 31630315 32:57
2020-05-31 Sermon Marius Padurean Joy in trials and times of testing (James 1:2-4) Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. mp3-link OG-link 43500355 45:19
2020-05-25 Sermon Kristian Bak The joy of being rebuked and the joy of repenting (2 Corinthians 7:8-16) Martin Luther: Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance. mp3-link OG-link 27831484 28:59
2020-03-08 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 20-21 mp3-link OG-link 45597675 47:30
2020-03-02 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 18-19 mp3-link OG-link 42771853 44:33
2020-02-23 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 15-17 mp3-link OG-link 41955160 43:42
2020-02-16 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 13-14 Where is your hope? And what is your hope to build on? mp3-link OG-link 41548068 43:17
2020-02-09 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 10-12 Why is it important to ?really? know God? (And what have that to do with Jesus). mp3-link OG-link 20431772 00:00
2020-02-02 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapters 7-9 mp3-link OG-link 48268016 50:17
2020-01-26 Sermon Marius Padurean Don't be a miserable comforter The sermon is about how to be a good comforter for someone in suffering. mp3-link OG-link 36052323 37:33
2020-01-19 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapter 3 Have you ever cried out with all your strength? Here we see Job this time crying out from the depth of despair. This time it is not going to be positive Job starts with, cursing(erase the day ) the day he was born, but -Job does not curse God. But Job h mp3-link OG-link 38585991 40:12
2020-01-12 Sermon Kristian Bak Job Chapter 2 Reflection's on chapter 2 Why does God keep bringing up Job to Satan? What do you think about Job?s wife?s response? Whose plan do I follow? Jesus or Satan? Any examples? Are you an Encourager or Discourager? What do you think about Job?s friend? mp3-link OG-link 44248084 46:06
2020-01-05 Sermon Kristian Bak Job: Why we study books of the Bible? Have you read the book of Job before? What stuck out to you? What can Satan do? How do I respond to suffering? Is there a different in fearing and loving God? mp3-link OG-link 39123487 40:45
2019-12-29 Sermon Marius Padurean Psalm 1 1. Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; 2. but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night. 3. He is like a tree pl mp3-link OG-link 37812767 39:23
2019-12-22 Sermon Kristian Bak Can I trust God? What is the gold of my life? Am I more like Herod or the Wisemen? Is Romans 8.28 true? Can I trust God? mp3-link OG-link 18335901 00:00
2019-12-08 Sermon Kristian Bak Social fellowship Is God "social"? Is God "Fun"? // Romans 12:3-5, we are one body in Christ, what does that mean? mp3-link OG-link 37545691 39:07
2019-12-01 Sermon Kristian Bak True community (The Biblical practice of Koinonia) Galatians 5:13--15 // "The concept of servanthood is basic to the biblical practice of Koinonia" by Jerry Bridges. Whose slave/servant are you? mp3-link OG-link 38607725 40:13
2019-11-17 Sermon Kristian Bak The Fellowship of Suffering. The Fellowship of suffering. 1, Philippians 3:10 that I may know him and the power of his resurrection, and may share his sufferings 2, Why suffering? ? Seek suffering? A quest for meaning and Purpose? ? Avoiding, well it hurts? ? Is Suffering h mp3-link OG-link 35315131 36:45
2019-11-10 Sermon Kristian Bak True community "support your local ministry" Galatians 6:6 Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches. Questions to think about. Is God generous? ? In what way? ? Specify in your life. Am I generous to my local church? Why or why not? Is money evil? ? mp3-link OG-link 25309936 26:22
2019-11-03 Sermon Jimmy Martins A special service Pastor Kristian Bak installation mp3-link OG-link 31835951 33:10
2019-10-27 Sermon Lee Hanson Sharing your possessions 1. Everything we have comes from God (1 Chron. 29:12-16) 2. We are to be content with food and covering, and warned about wanting riches (1 Tim 6:6-10) 3. Don't pursue wealth, pursue GOD (1 Tim 6:11-16) 4. Be generous with the "riches" you have, be ric mp3-link OG-link 34870334 36:19
2019-10-20 Sermon Marius Padurean Spiritual gifts inside the Community "Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all th mp3-link OG-link 26924512 28:03
2019-10-13 Sermon Kristian Bak Partnership in the gospel mp3-link OG-link 31094909 32:23
2019-10-06 Sermon Lee Hanson Spiritual fellowship Active participation in a community. The duties of Christians to one another: comforting, encouraging, counselling, and rebuking. mp3-link OG-link 29883663 31:08
2019-09-29 Sermon Lee Hanson Fellowship and community In Christ we who are many from one body, and each member belongs to all the others. (Romans 12:5) mp3-link OG-link 26583875 27:41
2019-09-22 Sermon Lee Hanson Communion with God Communion with God mp3-link OG-link 27278524 28:25
2019-09-15 Sermon Kristian Bak Union with God Union with God 1 Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. mp3-link OG-link 31086968 32:23
2019-09-08 Sermon Lee Hanson Koinonia series Koinonia;True Community What we have seen and heard we declare to you, so that you and we together may share a common life, that life which we share with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ. 1 John 1:3 (NEB) Sharing together: community relationshi mp3-link OG-link 27278942 28:25
2019-09-01 Sermon Lee Hanson Intro to Koinonia series This one might work mp3-link OG-link 9132136 00:00
2019-09-01 Sermon Lee Hanson Intro to Koinonia series Hebrews 10:19-25 19 Therefore, brothers and sisters, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus, 20 by a new and living way opened for us through the curtain, that is, his body, 21 and since we have a great priest over th mp3-link OG-link 9132136 00:00
2019-08-18 Sermon Kristian Bak Hebrews 11 examples of faith - Judges and king and prophet Intro why Hebrews 11. Examples of faith. Recap. 1. God is always in bigger/and in more control that we think or sometimes even like. ? And able to do exceedingly and aboundly more that we can ask or think? 2. Pointe to Jesus, as our hope, - that God i mp3-link OG-link 37202546 38:45
2019-08-11 Sermon Lee Hanson Hebrews 11 examples of faith Joshua and Rehab mp3-link OG-link 36275513 37:47
2019-08-04 Sermon Marius Padurean Jesus tempted Jesus is led in to the wilderness, and after 40 days and nights the devil comes and tempts Him. - Jesus is the true savior, that takes the cross, and leads us to the cross for salvation. mp3-link OG-link 42695366 44:28
2019-08-04 Sermon Marius Padurean Metting Jesus for the first time -Pontius Pilate In the summer series meeting Jesus for the first time this week was Pontius Pilate - and the them is truth. mp3-link OG-link 64290899 66:58
2019-07-28 Sermon Marius Padurean Metting Jesus for the first time - men on the cross Metting Jesus for the first time - men on the cross mp3-link OG-link 54768117 57:03
2019-07-28 Sermon Marius Padurean Metting Jesus for the first time - 3 people Meeting Jesus for the first time - 3 people mp3-link OG-link 35624333 37:07
2019-07-21 Sermon Marius Padurean Meeting Jesus for the first time -invalid man Meeting Jesus for the first time -invalid man - the theme is healing - wholeness. mp3-link OG-link 35139082 36:36

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